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At NutriQuick, we produce tasty, portion-controlled, healthy and nutritionally-balanced ready meals in Blessington. The company was established in 2016 by Dean Siney. He and his team share a passion for good, healthy food and their goal is to improve health and wellbeing by producing balanced meals that are also convenient.

Dean's background in sport & fitness, and passion for food, made him spot a niche for healthy meal-prep & the rest is history.

Each meal is cooked, portioned and packed for the customer’s convenience, saving valuable time, money and effort - grab us in Aldi and selected Mace, Spar, Centra & Eurospar stores!



We've won multiple awards from prestigious organisations such as ShelfLife & C-Store.

Our promise is that we will only use 100% Irish ingredients & guarantee the best quality possible.