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NutriQuick produces tasty, portion-controlled, healthly and nutritionally balanced ready meals in Blessington. The company was established in 2016 by Dean Siney. He and his team share a passion for good, healthy food and their goal is to improve health and wellbeing by producing balanced meals that are also convenient. Through 2017 and 2018, the meals have grown in popularity amongst top athletes and busy professionals and the company has expanded its distribution from an online shop to retail outlets. Each NutriQuick meal is cooked, portioned and packed for the customer’s convenience, saving valuable time, money and effort.

Nutriquick Fuel For Sport!

NutriQuick’s Fuel for Sport catering program is designed to help the athletes of today perform to the best of the ability by providing them with nutritious and tasty food before and or after physical activity to give them optimum energy and recovery. . We offer a catering service that serves our fresh and nutritious NutriQuick meals with calculated portions by our expert team of nutritionists to make sure that the athletes are getting a sufficient amount of the right nutrients pre or post game/workout.  

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